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Corgi bus collectors' visit F&J Model Buses from all over the

World for hard to find Rare Corgi model buses.

Please Note:  The Corgi buses that we feature Below Are Not  In Production anymore and

are True Collectible Models.  In some cases, the buses that we feature below have Not Been

Produced in many years and won't be produced again.  

  Therefore, their market value continues to raise and 

unfortunately so do our cost to offer them.


We feature some of the hardest to find rare Corgi buses at F&J Model Buses. 

If you see a Corgi model bus that you like, purchase it now as it can be gone tomorrow!

GMC New Looks Model Buses

Also Known as "The Fishbowl"

1/50 Scale 10" Long


54301   New York Bus Service

Price $120.00

54303  Carolina Trailways 5302

Price $150

Only 1 In Stock 

54304  Los Angeles  MTA 

Price $195

Only 1 In Stock 

53405 Canada Toronto Transit Corgi Bus

Price $195.00

54306 Golden Gate 5300 series

Price $115.00

54307    New York World's Fair (sightseer) 

Price $110.00

54308- New York City Transit Authority Fishbowl

Price $175.00

54309 Gray Coach Lines

Price $150.00

54312  New York City Transit Authority (blue)  

Out of Stock

54313  New York Bus Service (red white & blue)

Out Of Stock

Corgi C54314 Fire Dept Fishbowl (Very Rare)

Only 4 Available!

Only 500 Made

Price $175.00

Just 1 Available

54315  Green Bus Lines Inc.

Price $125

54316 Greyhound World's Fair New York

(Corgi's Second Run of the New York's World Fair Livery--The Original version was C54307)

Price $75.00

54318 New York City Triboro Coach  

Contact Us to be placed on our Waiting List

54402   Greyhound Lines 

 (includes ID Card, Mirrors, and box)

Price $125.00

54501 San Diego Transit

Price $100.00

54503  Greyhound NY Worlds Fair 

Price $140.00

54504 Santa Monica TD5301

Price $115.00

54506 Peoria FD. Mobile Command Ctr.

Price $99.00

54507 Liberty Lines GM 5306 

Price $159.00

54601 DC Transit  RARE TD5303

Price $120.00

54602 CTA (Chicago Transit ) for ROCKY

Sold Out

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