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This is a Very Special Place on the  F&J Model Bus Web Site.....

It's Dedicated to Special People Like You who take the time to let us know that we are doing a good job. 

Below you will find actual notes that were written to us from our customers:

Date: Sat Mar 2, 2019
Thatís perfect!!! I knew you would do a good job on that bus after seeing the other model u made me!!

Date: Fri Feb 22, 2019
Hi Frank,
Just wanted to let you know that I got the bus and it looks awesome. 


Date: Wed, Aug 24, 2016
Subject: Re: Saf t liner 2005 Thomas Bus

ank You Sir, I appreciate the email. You have quite the talent for producing these models they are impressive
and that is what prompted me to purchase one and in the future a couple more or so. It is true many do not read the page.
Everyone seems to want things right away almost overnight. I had the impression you did not have employees from the web
 page and that you are the artist in all this impressive work.
Thank you for receiving my order.

Have a Blessed week and success in all you do.

For God & Country

Date: Mon Aug 8
Subject: Re: Bus just arrived

Wow that's really awesome that you do everything by yourself. Your love and passion for your hobby
 shows in the amount of care and detail you put into your projects. I look forward to doing business with you again soon.
Thank you again God bless and have a wonderful day


Date: Tues Aug 2

Good Morning Frank,

I  received my school bus model today. And I want to thank you so much for all your time and effort, the model is awesome.

Everybody loves it at my school bus terminal.  Thanks again Frank. And I will definitely tell all my friends about you guys.

Thank you guys at FJ Models and keep up the good work.

Brandon S.


Here is Brett receiving his NEW PENSKE truck as a gift for helping his church community. (2015).

Date: Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 6:27 AM
Subject: Bus model order

I just received my school bus model and I have to say the quality and detail is superb. I purchased a "loaded" 2009 Blue Bird Vision model and was very pleased as it was designed as an exact replica of my own bus that I drive everyday. I will definitely be returning to purchase another model when I get a new bus. I am a school bus driver and if anyone is debating on whether to purchase a model from FJ, it is definitely a go. Frank can customize it to your exact specs, almost like specifying an actual bus. From the lettering to the reflective decals, Frank is on it.

Daniel B



How thoughtful of you to take the extra effort to make the bus even more special for my little guy. He just asked me about it over the weekend , so I will let him know that you are making his bus even more customized. 
Thanks so much, Can't wait to see the bus when it's done.
God bless,

On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 12:26 PM,

element_1:       Web Site
Name:            JERROLD ROYBAL
Address:         P.O. Box 130
City:            Pecos
State:           New Mexico
Postal/Zip Code: 87552
Country:         USA


Your Mddels are THE BEST ive ever seen... THANK YOU GUYS. Great Job.. Ill be buying alot more and sending you more customers.......  JERROLD ROYBAL  from Pecos New Mexico

Hey Frank!

I received the buses today, before we get to those I want to thank you for taking the time to work with me through email to see that everything gets done to the last little detail, for spending so much time on my order, and thank you for sending me photos of the product in production so I can actually see what it looks like before it is finalized and gets to my house! As for the buses, they look extremely good, it is amazing to see how you can take a plain model and add detail to make it look 100% more realistic! The International is very impressive with the white roof, I have a stock model and never knew how much better it really looked with the white roof. The wording and placement are exactly like they are on the real buses here, and I appreciate the extra details you added to the Thomas C2 model! I am also happy to get the Blue Bird bank that I was missing from my collection! 

You do quality work, and are  great with what you do! I am glad to have found a great place to work with, all of my custom bus orders will be made with FJ Buses!

Thank you very much,


Sent: Monday, August 08, 2011 3:52 PM
To: F J Buses

Hi Frank,

Just a quick note to let you know that my below order was promptly delivered to me here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on saturday 6 August. All the items are in perfect order.

Many thanks for your prompt service.

Best regards,

Haroon RAFIQ
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Sent: Friday, July 22, 2011 4:27 PM
To: F J Buses
Subject: Re: Order Question.

Hey, my bus arrived today. Thank-you for everything, will be back some time. :)

element_1:       Web Site
Name:            G. Tall
Company:         Home
Postal/Zip Code:
Country:         United States


Thanks for the quick shipping and quality products. Old fashioned business methods. I've found a place to come back to again and again!!!


WOW that looks EXCELLENT Frank, you've outdone yourself, haha. Yes, the Gmail is really weird to use, I still can't get used to it, so I keep using Yahoo, it is a lot easier.  I love the buses, and I love the fact that you were indeed able to get the number in the location on the front like the real bus! They both look great! Is the International going to have the STOP ON SIGNAL on the rear as well?

From: Weedon, B
Date: Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 7:11 AM
Subject: You are the Man!!!
To: frank serio <fjbuses@gmail.com>

Got my bus and he loved it!!!!!!! Now letís  work on Cash  Money Bus!!!!  You have reached the top of the ladder!!!!!!! Thanks!

From: Greg F
Date: Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 11:49 PM
Subject: Re: Action City Thomas School Bus
To: frank serio <fjbuses@gmail.com>

Hello Frank,

I received my order today and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the extra stuff you put in there!! I was thrilled to see that the buses had white tops and thomas logos, I've always loved how the white looks on a freightliner/thomas. I put one of the keychains on my car keys to show it off, and plan to use the pens until they run dry! Next time I'm in the market to add more to my collection I will definitely be buying from you! I also got a kick out of the inspection stickers on the bottom of the buses haha I will most certainly be keeping them there! 

Very satisfied Customer,
- Greg