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Please Note: The New Jersey Transit Model Bus Bank (shown below) with Bi-Fold Doors that we
have offered is being made exclusively for NJ Transit and is not available for individual sale. 

F&J Model Buses was delighted to work on a Joint Project with Collector's Corner for

20th Century Fox for the Movie Margaret which will be in theaters shortly.     The movie which stars Matthew Broderick

and is centered around a New York City Transit RTS-4 (bus #4199).   

 We have been given special permission by 20th Century Fox to offer this bus to our collectors'.                   

New York City Transit- "Margaret" Movie  

Price $41.00

 Boley School Bus 1/87 Scale (Newer Version)


Base Price $30.00

A School District can be added for $9.00

    Please Select


                                 Please Type School District if 2nd Selection was Chosen



Price $24.95