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         Bus Jackets




The following bus(es) are part of projects that have been completed but were special orders and are
NOT for sale.
-The following 2 buses were part of a project for the Department of Health & Human Services.
-These models are of the bus that went around the country introducing the NEW Medicare Prescription plan.

1st Medicare 2006 3-foot Bus

2nd Medicare 2006 3-foot Bus


Skyline Party Bus 2012 3-foot Bus


Michael Leavitt, Secretary of HHS receives a 3 ft. MCI  E full wrap model of the actual coach used to travel around the country promoting the New Medicare prescription plan for Senior citizens. The model was custom trimmed by F & J Model Buses. There
is a model on display in the lobby of HHS in Wash. DC.

America's Fire Heroes Whistlestop Tour

1/50 Scale Bus Bank 9 1/2" long--Full Wrap

Price $40.00

Dillion's Bus Service

US Coachways