Misc. Bus Items




         Bus Jackets




COAST Bus Stop Sign

Price $37.00

Montebello Bus lines Bus Stop Sign



Price $45.00

San Diego Transit Corp Bus Stop Sign


Price $ 35.00

Mas Trans Bus Stop Sign


Price $35.00



Greyhound Condensed Driver Manual

Price  $27.00

Challenger MC-5 Operator's Manual

Price $22.00

Challenger MC-7 Operator's Manual (Frayed letter dated 1969 included)

Price $32.00

Flxible Metro Operators Manual

Price $22.00

Greyhound MCMS 8.0 Mechanic's Manual (approx. 50 pages)

Price $32.00

Greyhound Customer Service Training Plaque (Back needs hangar)

Price $27.00

Capitol Trailways Bingo Card (Currently have 7 in stock)

Price $9.00 Each


Frontier Tours Jacket (Size Large)

Price $32.00

Greyhound Plastic Restroom Key-------------------------------------------------------------------$10.00

Ticket Punches---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$12.00


Greyhound "Safe Bus" Real Bus Decal

Brand New Never Used Approx. 25" Long  9 12" High

Seen on the Back of Hounds

Price $15.00

Greyhound Uniform Shirt (latest shirt)-----------------------------------------------------------------$17.00