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Prevost Greyhound Bus Bank 1/50 Scale

Price $15.00


New Greyhound 1:43 Scale-Nicely Detailed

This is a New 1:43 Scale Plastic.  Measures Approx. 11" long, 3" High By 2 1/4"

wide.  Very Well Detailed.  These are in limited supply.  I have seen this bus sell for

$99.95.  Our price is only $59.95.  The Quality is Very Nice. 

You can add this Hound to your collection.

Price $59.95


HO Scale Greyhound D4505


Limited  Availability in stock of Discontinued

Once the item sells, it will be removed from our site

and we might not get it back...a True one of a kind collectible! 

Greyhound  Buses In Stock 1/87 Scale

Atlanta  Destination Greyhound Bus

Price $ 45.00  

San Francisco Greyhound 1/87 Scale (Limited Stock)  1/87 Scale


Price $45.00 

Gift shop Greyhound 1/50 Scale

Price $14.00

Prevost Canadian Greyhound--Very Limited! 1/50 Scale

Price $46.00

Road Champs GreyHound -   Eagle Model 15 HO Scale

Price $35.00

F&J Model Buses brings you some Rare Greyhound Post House Models...Limited Availability!!

These buses feature All Paper Decal-

The decals on these buses tend to fade & Lift-

There are a few and far between that are excellent

Please bear in mind these rare Post House Greyhound models were produced 60 Years Ago!

Old Post House MC7 Greyhound (plastic, good condition, no box)

Price $60.00

Post House MC7 Greyhound (Original design, excellent condition, in box)

Price $100.00

Old Post House MC8 Greyhound (plastic) measures 10" by 3"/ no box)

Price $52.00

Old Post House MC8 Greyhound (same as above but with box)

Price $85.00



Price $85.00

Greyhound E Series Diecast 1/64 Scale (Road to the Future)

This is the 2nd Run of this model bus;  (Road to the Future) this bus was not made by Tonkin.  

This bus does not feature all of the added info that Tonkin put on the bus.

Price $48.95

 Corgi 54307  New York World's Fair (sightseer)


New Greyhound BK Parlor Bus 1931

Price $79.00 


Greyhound Ash Tray (Never used)

This ash tray has NEVER been used and

would make an excellent collectible

for a Hound Collector

It can be yours for just $40.00 + Shipping

Actual Greyhound Signs (Seen on the rear of Greyhound Buses)

Brand New Never Used Approx. 25" Long  9 12" High

Seen on the Back of Hounds

Price $15.00

Greyhound Bus Station Board (Station Sign)

Price $35.00

Greyhound Poster with MC9

Price $45.00

Greyhound Lines Baggage  Agent Jacket  (Size Medium)  Pre-Worrn


Greyhound Union Driver Shirt

Size 14 1/2 Adult (Pre-Worn)

Price $15.00

Greyhound Customer Service Training Plaque (Back needs hangar)

Price $27.00

Ticket Punches---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$12.00

Greyhound Uniform Shirt (latest shirt)--------------------------------------------------------------$17.00
Greyhound 30-year safe driving----------------------------------------------------------------------$ 7.00

Greyhound 11-year safe driving----------------------------------------------------------------------$ 7.00

Greyhound Departure Board (used by agents)--------------------------------------------------22.00  

Greyhound Bus Terminal --NEW-----------------------------------------------------------------$150.00