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Double Decker Model Bus From Hong Kong (White)

This bus actually runs Beijing

Here is some History about this bus directly from China:

The bendibus (also known as the articulated bus and featured on our low floor model bus page) and double decker

(which is shown below) from China are 1/64 as you can reference the one in your pack, why it is 1/64 there is a story:


Both buses are a project of model buses for Beijing Olympic livery model for promotion, the project contractor take

 serveral EFE and Corgi bus in 1/76 to Beijing government responsible for the Olympics and a Government person said:

"we want a larger model compare with them" , then the contractor propose 1/64 to them, after that day,

all Beijing bus model are in 1/64 included this one.Thus they are 1/64 Scale.


New Just Arrived From  Hong Kong.  The bus measures 7 3/4" long, Approx. 3"

this is a very nice Double Decker diecast model.   This bus is 1/64 Scale (As referenced above).  She is ready for you

to apply the livery of your choice or run it as is.   Take it home today for $45.00

Price $60.00

RTC Deuce Double Decker Diecast model Bus from RTS Las Vegas 1/76 Scale

Sold Out

Rare Corgi Double Decker from a Collection with ad on the side

Price $40.00