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Bus Plates

RTS II Bus Plate

Price $60.00

This All chrome Crusader Sign was removed from an old MCI MC5
Great Condition--Like New !

Price $45.00


Challenger Bus Plate

From late 60's and 70's  MC 5 & MC 7 interior

(Like New Condition)



Flxible Bus Plate (Comes from a real Flxible Bus)


Price $55.00

Prevost Bus Plate (Comes from a real Prevost Bus)


Here is a nose plate that comes off an actual Prevost X-345.   Sign shows wear from being on the

bus for about 12 years.  It can become part of your man cave for $40.00

Price $40.00

Orion Bus Plate (Comes from an actual Orion Transit Bus)

Price $28.00

Blue Bird School Bus  Name Plate (New)

Price $20.00

Blue Bird Sign

This sign contains writing under the sign (the 6 plants where Blue Bird Buses are made)

This bus comes from an actual Blue Bird Bus and this sign is no longer made

Price $35.00

Thomas Built Buses Name Plate

Price $18.00 for a little more weathered.

The only one left at this time has faded red paint on the bottom.



Superior Coach Bus Plate