Bus Jackets


Prison Bus  


GMTDH-5303 New Look Transit Bus 1/43 scale

Price $49.00

Just 3 Available!

Manhattan Fishbowl 1/43 Scale

Price $55.00


IXO Greyhound Scenic Cruiser-Destination Sign BOSTON

1/43 Scale Standard

Corgi Boston Scenic Cruiser 

Price $59.95


 Destination Signs are Now Here For Your Scenicruiser! 

It is now possible to change the Destination Sign on your Scenicruiser and route it somewhere else.

Click Here For the Details!

Destination Sign EXPRESS or select a different destination

IXO Scenic Cruiser

For an additional cost, you can choose from the following destination signs:

New York, New York City, Washington DC, Washington, Salt Lake City,

Tampa, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Scranton, Visit USA, Seattle, Los Angeles,

Las Vegas or Atlanta
Please Select Destination